'Portrait of the Artist (as a Young Woman)' Wall Hanging

'Portrait of the Artist (as a Young Woman)' Wall Hanging


Portrait of the Artist (as a Young Woman) is a quilted wall hanging whose story begins many, many years ago. The center blue part of this quilt was one of my first forays into quilting as a very young woman. It was wonky, the corners didn’t match up, and I tried to cover them with even wonkier circles and appliqué stitching. The quilt-top was never finish and eventually tossed aside into a pile of fabric scraps where it was forgotten. Many years later, while moving house, I rediscovered this relic of my own textile past and threw it into a suitcase heading to Australia. It was again forgotten until last year when I was digging through a pile of scrap fabric to throw into what was left of an indigo bath. What came out was beautiful. The tonal quality of the different kinds of fabric I used initially to make the quilt created this beautiful texture of rich blues, not all of them taking the dye in the same way. But the best part was the wonky, white appliqué stitching that didn’t take any dye and stayed quite visible. Around this quilt I built a new quilt with more hand-dyed fabric and simple shapes. With the future on top of the past, I hand-stitched the quilt, my more practiced, adult stitches in blue and red, more subtly presented to contrast and showcase the hand of the child artist. It truly is a portrait of the artist.

100% hand-dyed cotton

42.5 x 47.5 inches

108 x 120 cm

Hanging: Comes with a four inch hanging sleeve attached to the back.

Care instructions: Dust with a lint roller on a regular basis. Do not submerge in water or tumble dry.

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