'Jocassee' Quilted Pillow Cover

'Jocassee' Quilted Pillow Cover


Jocassee is inspired by South Carolinian flora found in early spring.  The fabric used to make this pillow cover is hand-dyed in small batches to create a unique, rich palette of hues.  Each flower is appliquéd by hand using a process known as 'needle-turn' and then hand quilted.  Each pillow takes about two full day to complete.

100% cotton

23 x 24 inches

Fits a 20-24 inch pillow form

**Please note this item is a pillow cover only.  To cut down on shipping costs, we ship all covers without pillows which can easily be found at your local homewares store for a fraction of what it costs to ship a large pillow.  If you would like to purchase the pillow with your pillow cover, please contact us for shipping rates.

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