THIS LAND Quilt Pattern

THIS LAND Quilt Pattern


This pattern includes:

A downloadable PDF pattern with a separate downloadable PDF document with embroidery templates for all 50 states

A coloring sheet to experiment with different color options

A cutting worksheet for each quilt size to keep track of your pieces as you cut them

Instructions for three quilt sizes:

Baby/Lap sized quilt: approx. 38” x 48” 

Twin/Full sized quilt: approx. 75.5” x 105”

Queen/King sized quilt: approx. 83” x 124”

Great for first time quilters!

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THIS LAND is a quilt pattern based on an improv quilt I made for a series of quilts about the places I have lived.  It is made up of quilt blocks that resemble the US flag with state outlines embroidered on each block and  city  hearts added to the top stitching  to finish. 

The original version of THIS LAND was made to tell a story about the places I have lived and loved in my home country of the United States.  While designing this quilt pattern, it was important to me to design a  pattern that didn’t just duplicate my original quilt design.  Instead I wanted to create a guide for anyone to use to tell their own story and create something that was unique to them and their story.  That is why you will find that this pattern offers you many tools to ‘choose your own quilting adventure.’   There is a worksheet to help you develop  your own color scheme (perhaps a color palette  that reminds you of a summer spent some place special), there is an Addendum where you will find a template for each of the fifty states to use for the hand embroidery portion of this quilt (should you chose to add it), and a simple heart shape you can add to indicate a particularly special place that means something to you.  This quilt is yours, tell your story!

I also created this quilt with stash busting in mind.  This pattern calls for eight different colors but is by no means a strict requirement.  In fact, I chose eight colors for the example shown throughout this pattern but decided to mix it up and used two different colors for the piece requirements for color 8.    

As I mentioned above, I designed this quilt with embroidered elements and top stitching by hand in mind.  It takes a lot of time to embroider and top stitch a quilt by hand but I personally love the texture and find it well worth it but this quilt will be just as interesting finish by machine with or without the embroidery. 

This quilt was made by me, an American living abroad, but by no mean is a quilt pattern just for Americans.  I love making quilts and other crafts based on the memories and experiences I have had.  I think this would be a wonderful project for anyone wanting to remember a trip they took or even a trip they would like to take.