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Scrunchie tutorial with hand dyed SMT fabric kits

Make your own hair ties with this easy tutorial.


make your own #SMTGrowwithmepantS

Ever want to make toddler pants that were easily adjustable to grow with your bean stalk? Find out how in this simple tutorial.

kasketenn cover-01.jpg

Kasketenn means ‘hat’ in Breton, the native language of the Bretagne region (Brittany in English) on the western coast of France. This hat and the yarn it is made from were both born and raised in Bretagne. Inspired by the sailing culture of the region, the Kasketenn is a perfect hat for those first cool days of autumn or just when it starts to warm up in spring. For milder climates, it is warm enough for all winter long.


'Starburst Macaron' Appliqué Baby Quilt Pattern

This appliqué baby quilt project is a perfect first project for anyone wishing to learn needle turn appliqué.  It incorporates each skill necessary for tackling needle turn appliqué including straight lines, points, inverted points, and curves.  If you are already an expert, it is a fast and fun project and makes an excellent gift.  I designed this quilt while thinking of my own little one.  With traveling in mind, I wanted to create something that was small and easy to pack.  I also wanted something that would fit perfectly in his baby bassinet and as a stroller (pram) quilt for him to snuggle up with on long walks.  I am happy to report that this baby quilt did all of those things and more!


'Quick Quilted Envelope Back Pillow Cover' Pattern

I love making quilted pillows!  Why?  Because I love making quilts and a pillow is a great way to test out ideas and still put them to use instead of throwing them in the sample bin.  Today, I wanted to share my fast and easy technique for making an envelope back pillow cover and possibly encourage you to dig some of those forgotten smaller projects or samples out of your leftovers bin and turn them into pillows.  I love this method because you don’t need more than your fabric and sewing machine.  No need to run out to the store to grab matching buttons or zippers.  So, let’s jump in!


'Effortless Needle Turn Appliqué' E-book

Have you ever considered the endless creative opportunities appliqué can add to any of your sewn projects?  Does the thought of a lot of hand sewing keep you from giving it a try?  Don't worry, I was once just like you but with a little investigating and a lot of trial and error, I am now an offical convert!  I love needle turn appliqué and I just can't get enough. With a few tips and tricks, let SMT show you how needle turn appliqué isn't as intimidating as you might think. With this 49 page e-book, full of pictures and in-depth tutorials, you'll be an expert in no time! 


'No Rulers, No Rules: A Guide to Creating Cohesive Improv Quilts Without a Plan' E-book 

Who doesn't love a little improv quilting?  I do!  Sometimes though it can be a little intimidating to chuck those patterns, quilting tools, and rulers out the window and just start with a pile of scraps and see where you end up.  I love the freewheeling feeling of improv quilting but I also love having a finished product that looks cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. Over the years I have discovered a few tricks to making this happen and I finally put it all in an easy to follow e-book.  It's 45 pages of my unique approach to improv quilting filled with all kinds of quilty tips and tricks and a whole lot of pictures to show you exactly how I go about making my improv quilts.     


'Woven'Pillow Tutorial and Pattern

Woven is here!  What is it?  Is it a tutorial?  Is it a pattern?  It's both!  You can use 'Woven' as a guide to make your own oven pillow/quilt/patch or you can follow along with the pattern using the same measurements I use to make the pillow in the example.  You decide!  But which ever you decide, make sure you share your results with me!  I'd love to see what you come up with.   

Colorful sock mending

How to Baste a Quilt on a Table Top

What's next?

See something you would really like to know how to make in the SMT Gallery or Homewares Shop?  Have a questions about quilting or crafting that you would love explained?  Drop me a line!  I am always looking for more tutorial and pattern ideas and would love your input!