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Stuart Moores Textiles is the creation of American textile artist Shelagh Jessop.  As the family patriarch, Stuart Moores Jessop, an inventor and chemical engineer, inspired his family by his hard work and ingenuity.  It is in his honour and by his example that each original work of art is made.

Shelagh has a BFA in Textile Design from the University of Kansas and spent two years studying horticulture in Texas. She has worked in an opera costume shop in the Midwest, at a theatrical production company in Shanghai, an art museum in Texas, a primary school in Australia and currently as a full-time artist in France.

Each unique work of art is hand-created by Shelagh. All fabric used is 100% cotton, dyed in small batches using precise formulas of industrial grade Procion dyes and natural dye sources found locally (such as black walnuts and onion skins).  Each color batch is one of a kind and entirely unique.  


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